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Menomonee Falls & Germantown Farm Fresh Eggs | Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chickens Near Menomonee Falls

Vintage Farm of Waukesha, Wisconsin is the #1 farm fresh egg and chicken supplier in the Menomonee Falls and Germantown area. 


We supply true Free Range chicken eggs, void of any big-wig corporate marketing gimmicks. Our hens are able to roam our rotating open pastures as they please. 


Our small, yet dedicated free range farming effort is built on the proponent of trust and transparency.


Menomonee Falls Free Range Turkey


We've expanded our offerings because we want to give each and every person the ability to better their diet. When you make the transition from a grocery store regular to a farm fresh supporter you'll make an impact on not only yourself but also those around you. Eating free-range food is a great way to set examples for friends, family and those closest to you. 


Stop overpaying for "All Natural" chicken


The mainstream grocery store brands of natural chicken are grossly overpriced. Vintage Farm offers truly free-range chicken at an affordable price. 

Farm Fresh Pork - Menomonee Falls Area


Vintage Farm has been expanding its offerings over the years - If you're looking for farm fresh pork for your summertime pig roast, we're your source. Give us a call and we can reserve a pig (whole or half) for your event. 

Poached Egg Sandwich | Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin | Free Range & Farm Fresh Eggs | Chicken | Turkey
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