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Farm Fresh Eggs Near Milwaukee, WI

Looking for a Free Range Egg Supplier?

If you or your Milwaukee restaurant is in need of farm fresh eggs, Vintage Farm - a local family owned and operated farm can supply you with the best quality eggs in Southeastern Wisconsin.  


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Buying Farm Fresh Food Near Milwaukee Just Got Easier!


Switching from storebought eggs, chicken, pork or Turkey is just a phone call away. Vintage Farm, located just outside of Milwaukee County can supply your family or restaurant with healthy fresh food alternatives. 


Free Range Chicken Eggs for Wisconsin Locals


The best eggs in Milwaukee can be delivered right to your Downtown Milwaukee restaurant or outlying suburban areas. We have a convenient pick-up location just minutes off of I-94 in Waukesha -- Right across from the Waukesha County Airport. 


Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs Delivered to Your Milwaukee Area Business

Vintage Farm Supplies These Cities & Towns & More
  • Downtown Milwaukee
  • Franklin
  • Greenfield
  • Bayview
  • Cudahy
  • South Milwaukee
  • Wauwatosa
  • Oakcreek
  • Greendale
  • Hales Corners
  • West Allis
  • Shorewood
Free Range Poultry Farm Milwaukee, WI

Vintage Farm Provides the Best Cage Free Food in Milwaukee​

Dozen Eggs Free

Cage Free Egg Supplier for Milwaukee Restaurants 

If you are a chef or owner of a Milwaukee, WI area restaurant give us a call! Vintage Farm's eggs will add a huge amount of value to your business. You can market the fact that you serve farm fresh food, and above all your patrons will taste the farm fresh difference. 


Our free range food will open a whole new area of marketing for your business. Telling your customers that you source your food locally is a huge plus for many. 


It is now 2019 and people are more than willing to go out of their way to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle. Choosing to consume local fresh foods is a great step in the direction of healthiness. 


If eating healthy is a priority for you, send us an email - we can give you more details about how farm-fresh food can help. 

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The Benefits of Buying Farm Fresh Eggs From Milwaukee Area Farms


“Read through as we explain to you why it’s essential for you to buy Milwaukee farm fresh eggs rather than store bought”

Pasture Raised Poultry Farms near Milwaukee, WI


Versatile, tasty and nutritious. Eggs are staples in most households and it’s easy to see why. Just reading off their nutritional content clearly define eggs as powerhouse food. They’re a source of high-quality protein, healthy fats, not to mention micronutrients such as iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids.


Healthier Food Options for Your Family

Long before the days of convenience, eggs are produced in farms and bought fresh. Nowadays, most people would just get store bought eggs rather than farm fresh eggs as they’re readily available and lower in price.


But at what cost are Southeast Wisconsin residents doing this?

Some claim that farm fresh eggs are healthier, taste better and has less potential for foodborne diseases. Does that mean we’re giving away vital nutrients in exchange for convenience?


Read on as we discuss and lay down the true benefits of getting your farm fresh eggs. So that you can make the best decision for both you and your family.


True Shelf Life of Cage Free Eggs from Vintage Farm

This is something that not all of us know. One unseen danger of buying store bought eggs are the real shelf life. And it bares consequences to other factors concerning eggs, which is why we brought this up first.

Do Farm Fresh Eggs Go Bad Faster?


The eggs bought from local chain grocery stores have gone through many processes for them to finally reach the shelves. The typical time period it takes from the factory to the store is about 6 weeks.


Not only does it lose nutrients and color during the process, but it also raises questions regarding the proper handling of the produce. You need to keep eggs at a certain temperature to avoid contamination and foodborne diseases.


The longer process due to logistics and inventory presents is avoidable, uncertain risks that we don’t need. Which is why it’s wiser to opt for local farm fresh eggs near you so that we don’t have to think about those risks at all.


The Wisconsin Pasture Raised Egg Taste Factor


Just by taking a look at their yolks, you can see the difference right away. Farm fresh eggs have a deeper and richer yolk color compared to their store-bought counterpart.

Not convinced? 

Visit a Milwaukee or Waukesha area Whole Foods®, Pick'n'Save®, Fresh Thyme®, Woodmans®, Metro Market®, or any other Milwaukee area grocery store and purchase their claimed "farm fresh" or "free range" chicken eggs. 

THEN - give Vintage Farm a call. Your first dozen eggs are on us. FREE. 

Compare the taste, the color, and the facts about commercial "free range" chicken egg farms. We GUARANTEE you'll see the Vintage Farm difference. 


Best Eggs & Chicken You Can Buy

As we’ve discussed, one factor is the process it takes to deliver the eggs as it loses color the longer it is stored. But another factor is also because an egg yolk color is an indicator of a hen’s diet. The more natural their diet is, the richer and darker the color of the yolk - which is the result of carotenoids in their diet.


Some people claim that the color difference also means better tasting and richer flavor in farm fresh eggs. So, if you’re looking for a more decadent taste, our Milwaukee area farm fresh eggs are the way to go.


Nutritional Content of Vintage Farm's Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs

Just like the taste, the difference in colors also indicates the difference in nutritional contents.


And we can confidently say that although the taste is subjective, it is scientifically proven that farm fresh eggs are far superior compared to store bought ones in terms of health benefits and nutrition.


Grocery Store Eggs vs. Free Range

Eggs that are bought from a grocery store are laid by caged chickens, confined indoors and fed unnatural diet of corn, soy, and cottonseed whereas naturally raised chickens can forage their own food and have access to pastures.

Are Free Range Eggs Healthier?

Farm fresh eggs contain about two to ten times more omega-3 fatty acids - which are important for reducing inflammation; more than twice the amount in vitamin E, D, and A - important for growth and overall health.


Why Farm Fresh is Better

Moreover, farm fresh eggs are also proven to combat cardiovascular diseases better, because aside from having more omega-3 fats, they also have lower saturated fats compared to store-bought eggs.

Are Waukesha & Milwaukee area Farm Fresh Eggs Safe?


The most common risk associated with eggs is the possibility of a Salmonella infection. Salmonella occurs in eggs that are laid by a hen that’s infected by the bacteria; and unfortunately, often times it does not show in the hen as they’re just carriers.


Scientific research found that living conditions of caged, factory hens greatly increases the risk of contracting Salmonella - which is obvious due to the confined, closed space.


Farm Fresh is Proven to be Better

Not to mention, the process and time that store-bought eggs have gone through to actually reach the supermarket shelves. Longer time leads to more possibility of mishandling and cross contamination. Whereas when you buy farm fresh eggs, you know the history and condition of their source - increasing their overall food safety.

Final Thoughts - Should I Switch to Vintage Farm's Farm Fresh?


Sometimes it’s normal to just take the easy way out and pretend to not know the risks of our decisions. But considering the pros and cons - we can conclude from this article, the benefits of getting farm fresh eggs far outweigh the convenience of getting store-bought eggs.


Free Range Eggs Are Better For You

Not only can you provide your family with better, more nutritious food, you can also protect them from foodborne diseases by choosing farm fresh eggs.


Moreover, some Milwaukee and Waukesha farms even make it easier for you to contact them and arrange deliveries to your area, which eliminates the whole arguments regarding the convenience of store-bought eggs. Vintage Farm is a prime example of this practice, which shouldn't come as a shock, considering our reputation in the greater Milwaukee area. 

Switch To Farm Fresh Eggs


Some last words, you should also take care to make sure you’re buying the freshest possible eggs: one way to actually tell you’re buying real farm fresh eggs are by feeling each in your hands. Farm eggs are far denser and have thicker shells than store bought/factory developed ones.


Now let’s take the healthier, more nutritious way; and choose Milwaukee fresh foods.


Why You Need to Get Farm Fresh Eggs for Your Milwaukee Restaurant




“Farm fresh eggs are the best option you can have for your restaurant business. Read on as we tell you why”



Are you thinking of a way to increase the value of your business and spreading your target market? Or is sustainability one of your concerns? Is nutrition a focal point of your marketing efforts?


If you answer yes to any of those questions, our Oconomowoc farm has the solution.


Farm Fresh Food in Milwaukee


Buying and using farm fresh eggs for your restaurant business would offer you all those benefits and surpass it. They’re far superior in terms of nutrition, safer, and would garner much attention from consumers who are becoming more aware of the consequences of their choice of lifestyle.


More and more Milwaukee restaurants are sourcing local food, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Now let’s dive into the details of the benefits of buying farm fresh eggs for your Milwaukee restaurant.


The far superior nutritional benefits of Wisconsin farm fresh eggs


First and foremost, it a well-known fact that farm fresh eggs are far superior in terms of nutritional benefits compared to store-bought eggs.


Eggs that are bought from natural, organic farms have ten times more omega-3 fatty acids, and twice the amount of vitamins E, D and A. These micronutrients are important for growth, reducing inflammation and taking care of your general health.


Health is not the only benefits the nutritious content have on eggs; it also makes them look more appealing. The beta carotene in farm fresh eggs would make the egg-yolk look fresher with a rich orange hue. Which is a great selling point when it comes to consumers.


All these nutritional benefits account for an important factor in your business - your consumers. Because this is something that most of your consumers are becoming more and more aware of - and will seek in the products they purchase. Which we will discuss further in the next section.


People in Milwaukee are beginning to make healthier and more sustainable choices for their food


It was found that young consumers such as millennial's and Gen-Zs are one of your most lucrative target markets. They go out to eat about five times a week, thus cementing their status as big spenders when it comes to eating out.


As we’ve mentioned, these younger consumers are becoming more aware of what they’re consuming and are making more conscious choices - this is also influenced by the easy spread of information via online resources. This situation makes them lean toward healthier, more sustainable choices.


These consumers are also very progressive and influential because they can spread awareness and information easily in this digital age. Even if not all of them are influencers, it's also a well-known fact that the mainstream consumers are hungry for guidance and direction.


Buying farm fresh eggs, are not only more nutritious; it’s also a lot more sustainable. By going organic, you get more use out of the land; this is due to the absence of pesticides, herbicides or other unsafe chemicals that could harm the land or worse, your consumers.


It’s also more sustainable in terms of energy and cost savings - store bought eggs are shipped from hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. Which is a whole lot of carbon footprints. By locally sourcing your produce you could cut down on this, claim more sustainability and fewer carbon footprints.


Help Milwaukee's local economy


Last but least, one of the most important reasons for you to source Wisconsin grown farm fresh eggs, is to support the local economy. Supporting the local economy not only good for your brand but also to keep your community close-knit and to foster your relationship with other business people in your area.


By keeping money in the Milwaukee community and buying local fresh food, it preserves the countryside. Small farms are a dying breed, and if not supported they will be taken over by big farming facilities. This could mean less variety and could cost your business in the future.


Buy Local Farm Fresh Eggs Near Milwaukee


By supporting the Milwaukee and Waukesha area farmers, you can keep a healthier sense of competition, diversify your options and help create a job in your own community. Creating jobs also means higher purchasing power - which could lead to a bigger consumer pool for your business.


All in all, by keeping it inside the Milwaukee community, you will help to make your surroundings thrive. And be a part of a healthy, self-sustaining ecosystem.


Going through all these reasons, you can clearly see that making a more sustainable and healthier choice is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. By buying farm fresh eggs, you can support your consumer's decision and fulfill their needs of getting better products; and thus, ultimately adding more value into your business and your brand in general.


Words spread fast, and knowledge is now shared. Which is why going farm fresh and local is now the norm - and that passing on this would mean losing out to the competition.

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