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Waukesha Farm Fresh Egg Supplier


Affordable Cage Free Chicken Eggs from Vintage Farm Near Waukesha

Vintage Farm has been proudly serving up free range eggs in the Waukesha area for years. Our eggs are hand collected every day, washed, inspected and packaged. From the time of collection to your plate never exceeds 7 days and that’s what makes Vintage Farm a true Farm-to-Table experience. The so-called “Farm Fresh” eggs at your local grocery store are typically anything but fresh.

Let us prove just how delicious Vintage Farms eggs truly are! Simply sign up for our monthly email updates and we’ll give you the first dozen for FREE!

Vintage Farm has a convenient pickup location in Waukesha – right across from the Waukesha County Airport. Call us to schedule a time to get your eggs.

Own a business or restaurant in the Waukesha area?

Vintage Farm can supply your eatery with all the farm fresh eggs you need on a weekly basis. Your customers will fall in love with the rich taste of Vintage Farms eggs.  If you have questions or would like to request a sample, please inquire below.

Cage Free Hens


All of our hens are cage-free and have the ability to roam our wide-open rotating pastures as they please, this allows them to have a fresh source of grass and bugs to feed on regularly.

Free Range Meat Chickens

Vintage Farm also raises free-range meat chickens for the Waukesha and surrounding areas. Our meat chickens get the same wide-open pasture treatment that our egg layers get. No longer do you have to settle for grocery store chicken that’s injected with salt solutions, etc. We have a limited supply of meat chickens yearly, call today for availability.

Free Range Thanksgiving Turkeys near Waukesha

If you’re looking for an alternative to your usual grocery store bird this Thanksgiving, try our free-range turkey. We raise a limited number of birds each season – call now to reserve a farm fresh Thanksgiving Turkey.

Farm Fresh Pork – Whole & Half Pigs

In need of a whole or half pig for your summertime pig roast? Vintage Farm can help. We raise and sell farm fresh pigs! Choose from either a whole or a half pig. Call for availability and pricing.

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Why Our Waukesha, WI Farm Fresh Chicken is Better for You


“Do you know that the kind of chicken you eat will affect your safety and nutritional health? Read on as we tell you why switching to free range and all-natural chicken is worth it”



They’re one of the most popular protein sources, not only in Milwaukee and Waukesha, but worldwide, and a definite go-to compared to other meat. Chickens are thought to be one of the most consumed in the world and will likely remain to be in the future.


It’s a no-brainer considering that chicken provides protein with lower fat and cholesterol due to it being white meat. If you ask a person on the street, 8 out of 10 will likely say that they ate a chicken meal or snack in the last two weeks.


People consider chicken as one of the most versatile and convenient meats to purchase. Wisconsin residents eat 93 pounds of chicken per person annually, and it is very likely to increase in numbers in the coming years.


As popular as chickens are, they can also be considered dangerous. Salmonella poisoning, which is bacteria strain that naturally lives in mishandled poultry, remains the most common type of food poisoning and causes about 40 percent of food poisoning cases.


Even more alarming is the fact that Campylobacter, a type of bacteria spread through chicken, is becoming more common. That’s why you need to be very careful and selective with your choice of chicken meat.


It’s no wonder that people nowadays are more critical and demands more information about what they eat. And free-range chickens may be one of the best choices for you and your family, as they pose less risk of you contracting food poisoning due to the fact that they live in much better sanitary conditions than chickens raised in a caged environment.


But that’s not all, it is claimed that free-range chickens are also more nutritious and delicious. Keep reading as we go through a list of reasons why you should make the switch from store-bought chickens to free-range chickens right away.



What are Free Range Chickens?


If you’re not familiar with what free-range chickens are, according to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) free range means that chickens have access to outdoors. It’s quite a rare commodity as only less than 1% of chickens in the USA are even considered raised as “free range”.


To be labeled as free-range, there are a number of requirements that need to be met by the farm, and it’s not easy. The birds will have a good amount of space (less than 13 birds a square meter), be 56 days old before slaughter, and have continuous daytime access to open-air runs, with vegetation.


It’s a far more decent way to raise chickens because, in the normal factory farms, they are bred to grow so fast their bones, heart, and lungs often can’t keep up. Thus, it causes crippling lameness or even heart failure in the chickens. Raising them free range will avoid this.


All in all, raising free-range chickens is exactly how they need to be raised, just like how they used to in earlier times. Producing chickens that are stress-free and healthier could lead to better nutritious value and safer consumption for consumers.


Benefits of Waukesha Farm Fresh Chicken vs Store Bought


  1. Free Range Chickens are Better Protein Source

This is an important aspect because one of the reasons we consume chicken meat is to fulfill our dietary needs of protein. Protein is the building blocks of the body, and it’s essential for healing and overall performance of the body.


A research was done to examine the meat structure of free-range chickens versus barn-raised chickens. And it was found that the crude protein, total collagen, zinc and iron contents in thigh meat, and total collagen in breast meat of the free-range group were significantly higher than those of cage-feeding group.


That means by consuming free-range chickens, you will be providing your body with more protein with a less total weight of meat. And that’s exactly what value for money means.

2. Free Range Chickens Have Less Fat

Important information for those trying to lose fat and gain muscle; free-range chickens actually has less fat than store-bought, or barn raised chickens. With less fat, this means that free-range chickens actually have fewer calories than store-bought - as fat contribute most calories to your diet.


According to research comparing fat content between free range and barn raised chickens, free-range chickens had the lowest fat content in both breast and thigh meat, and overall had the lowest calorie content.


It’s good news for those of you looking to cut back on your fat or calorie counts. By cutting back on fat, you can also avoid dangerous illnesses such as cardiovascular disease.


3. Free Range Chicken Won’t Cause Hormone Disruption

One of the most dangerous aspects of store-bought chickens is hormone injections. These hormone injections are usually to promote growth in the animal so that it will yield much more meat than it naturally would.


These growth promoter hormones could pose health risks to humans who consume them. It turns out that they will also affect our hormones too. Research has found that consumption of animal with growth promoters will lead to possible subfertility - or lower sperm count - in men.


What most of us don’t know is that most broiler or cage raised chickens are injected with growth promoters. Which means most of the products in the store are not really safe to buy. Are you willing to take the risk?

4. Free Range Chickens are Safer to Consume

It’s common knowledge that chickens raised in cages or barn are put inside a very small area, with little to no ventilation in close vicinity. All these factors could then contribute to cross-contamination and presence of toxic bacteria.


As we’ve mentioned before, Salmonella and Campylobacter poisoning are of highly prevalent in chicken consumption, and it has taken such an alarming rate that it needs to be taken into priority.


One of the consequences of raising chickens caged is that the close vicinity between each chicken could lead to easier contamination between them. Not to mention, bad hygiene that could start the infection in the first place.


In free-range farms, the chickens are free to roam for the most part of the day, and they have more space than caged hens. This could almost cut the possibility of infection and cross-contamination. Leading to a safer, better product.


5. Free Range May Taste Better

Not only are free range chickens good for your nutritional health, they actually taste a whole lot better than their store-bought or barn raised counterparts. Who doesn’t love a bonus quality from their products?


In research of meat quality between free-range chickens and barn raised chickens, it was found that meat sensory scores of flavor, chewiness and overall acceptability of both thigh and breast meat of free-range group were significantly better than barn raised.


This might be due to the fact that they also have higher protein and lower fat content. Higher protein means that their meat has higher integrity, and this leads to a concentration of flavor and great texture.


These findings indicate that free-range feeding model displayed well-received carcass traits and meat quality.



6. Free Range Chickens Have More Micronutrients

Last but certainly not least, the benefit of consuming farm raised, free range chickens is that they will almost certainly have more micronutrients. Micronutrients are important for us to keep up our immune system, cell regeneration, and overall health.


It was found that free chickens have more vitamin E, higher omega 3 fat, and lower saturated fat or bad fat. Vitamin E is essential due to its antioxidant quality, and it can fight inflammation and keep our body strong and immune system working efficiently.


Omega 3, on the other hand, is important for brain function. It allows the preservation of brain cell membrane and facilitates the communication between cells. Omega 3 has been found to be important to avoid memory loss and reduce the risks of getting degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.


Final Words - Are Waukesha Free Range Chickens Worth it?


Looking at the benefits, it seems that farm fresh chickens should be the first choice for everyone. Not only is it full of beneficial nutrients, but it also allows you to avoid the negative effects that come with consuming store-bought chickens.


Let’s say that you’re satisfied with how the store-bought chicken taste, and can make up the missing nutrients with other foods - would you be willing to risk the toxins, hormones and food poisoning?


Furthermore, it’s not just you, but also your entire family. And considering that chickens are so often consumed, these dangerous chemicals and microbes can actually pile up inside your body and create worse aftermaths.


Even though free range may be a bit higher in price, the benefits and protection it offers you and your family is quite priceless. And you won’t even have to visit the farm itself, as many farms now offer pickup and delivery. Thus, you don’t really have any excuses anymore.


So, let’s make a responsible decision and choose something that’s nutritious and safe - choose Vintage Farm's fresh chickens!

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