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Milwaukee’s #1 Source for Whole and Half Berkshire Roasting Pigs

What Are Berkshire Pigs? 


Berkshire pigs are a rare domesticated breed of pigs that originated in the English county of Berkshire. Not many areas of the world have access to Berkshire pigs, as they are only found in a handful of countries, as of today. 


Berkshire pigs are the equivalent of the Tajima strain of Japanese Black cattle, raised in Japan's Hyōgo which produce the world famous "Kobe Beef" - widely served in 5-star restaurants and known for the incredible marbling and flavor. 


Berkshire Pork Near Milwaukee & Waukesha


As one of Milwaukee and Waukesha's only sources for farm fresh Berkshire pork, Vintage Farm takes extreme pride in producing the highest quality pork in Southeast Wisconsin. 


Berkshire pork is a delicacy, and this is proven by the fact Berkshire pigs have even been raised by the Royal Family in England. The Royal Family even went as far as to gift breeding pairs of Berkshire Pigs to Japan, as a gesture of kindness.  ​

Berkshire Pork for sale near Milwaukee & Waukesha
Notice the delicious marbling in these Berkshire filets!

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Grass-fed Berkshire pigs - Oconomowoc

Vintage Farm isn’t just limited to the highest quality free-range chickens and eggs – we also raise Berkshire pigs at our family owned farm in Waukesha County.


If you’ve been searching for a reliable source for delicious farm raised pork, you’ve found it. Impress all your guests at your next annual pig roast – or simply treat your family with the best Berkshire pork in the Milwaukee area!


Where to Buy Whole Berkshire Pigs


Whether you need one whole Berkshire roasting pig or only a half, Vintage Farm can accommodate that. Need more than one or two annually? Let us know and we can purchase more quality Berkshire pigs in advanced to meet your needs.


All Vintage Farms Berkshire pigs are raised on a whole grain diet, with only the highest quality feed. They get to roam our vast rotating pastures here at our Oconomowoc farm, which keeps them happy and healthy!


Why Berkshire Pork is Better than Store-bought


It’s no secret that our pork is delicious! Berkshire pigs have long been known for their juiciness, tenderness, and the flavor of their perfectly marbled meat.


A Waukesha Farm Raised Pork Supplier


We proudly serve all of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Washington and other surrounding counties in Southeast Wisconsin. 


What's great about working with Vintage Farm is we are a small, versatile family-run farm near Waukesha - we can accommodate your individual needs. Have a special request? Give us a call, we'll do whatever we can to help you. 


Looking for farm fresh food recipes? Keep an eye out on our blog for our tried and true family favorites!

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