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Muskego, WI Farm Fresh Eggs and Free Range Chickens

Family Owned and Operated Farm Fresh Food Supplier Near you!

Vintage Farm has been proudly providing the residents of Muskego, WI with farm fresh, cage-free chicken eggs and other free-range foods for years!


Buy Farm Fresh Food Locally

Store bought "Farm Fresh" eggs are not truly "Fresh" - in our opinion anyway. Stores are allowed to keep eggs that are up to 60 days old since they were collected. 


Here at vintage Farm, we abide by the 7-day rule, as we like to call it. 


What is the 7-Day rule? 


after 7 days, eggs that were collected and that have not sold are then repurposed. We will use them as feed for our free range pigs, compost or other miscelanious uses. 


We set our standards of "Fresh" high. 


To show you the difference we will give you your first dozen eggs for FREE - See the difference, taste the difference. All you have to do is sign up for our monthly newsletter.


Free Range, Farm Fresh Chickens for Sale Near Muskego, WI
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