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Farm Fresh Eggs Near Sussex

The Best Free Range Eggs for Sussex Residents

Vintage Farm provides a healthy alternative to grocery store bought eggs in the Sussex area. If you're looking to take the next step in your healthy lifestyle you've come to the right place. 


Our farm fresh eggs are free of deceptive marketing ploys - we are truly FARM FRESH. 


The eggs you buy from Vintage Farm go from hand collection to your fork within 7 days - or less.  We take pride in that. 


Many 'Farm Fresh' egg suppliers raise upwards of 4 million hens. When you think about the space requirements for 4 million birds, it becomes clear how easy it is for them to cut corners, yet still, claim their eggs are farm fresh. 


Vintage Farm also supplies:


  • Free Range Meat Chickens

  • Free Range Thanksgiving Turkey

  • Whole and Half Pigs

  • Wholesale distribution to local restaurants 


If you would like to get your first dozen eggs for free, just sign up for our monthly email newsletter. Simple as that. 

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